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Wondering what the Leadership Style is for a New World? How to improve performance of your team? How to motivate and engage staff fully? How to make yourself understood without being a bully nor a sissy? How to overcome the stress and frustrations?

Business Owner or Corporate Leader

  • You want higher performance levels because of a higher cause, a dream of expansion or an economic need.
  • You get frustrated because staff might have the skills and know what to do, but do not apply, or keep coming back to get the same info over and over
  • Especially as a FEMALE LEADER deep down you might feel sad because your team members do not see you care for them yet also need results
  • You do not know anymore what to do with demotivated staff members.
  • You just do not have the time to give all of them your attention.
  • You take stress home, and your dear ones suffer from your grumpiness, your irritability or your lack of energy. You just want to be playful and carefree again!

Medium size Company Owner or Entrepreneur

  • You do not know how to release the hidden potential of (new) staff members, freelancers or downline.
  • You just do not understand why they do not execute tasks the way you instructed.
  • You do not know how to give the attention clients and collaborators (and your dear ones at home) want, in addition to the work you have to do yourself.

You are spiritually inclined and maybe saw the movie/book “The Secret“. You wonder how to use The Law of Attraction, your connection with God/Allah/The Universe/your Higher Self (… whichever word resonates with you spiritually), in a pragmatic way in your business to make better decisions.

Stress, not knowing how to change the situation and fear of not succeeding or of wasting valuable time and resources are often keeping leaders like you stuck at a certain level.


What if you could  find the leadership style that fits you and your environment totally…

What if you could discover the approach that were in line with your values, with your heart’s desire and your intuition, your Soul…

What if you could use a communication style that helps you connect with your staff members from heart to heart so they can feel your good intention for them and see the logical steps to take…

What if these new results make you happy and fill you with Pride and Energy so you can enjoy your private life fully.

What if your children and partner would help you be a better leader…

What if you could teach your staff as well as your children to see and express their true value…

What if there were a way of tackling conflicts and challenges at work that also create ripple effects of positive change in your private relationships, and thus creating a better life for generations to come…

What if…



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What Clients Say

You are such a wise woman. Thanks for your friendship, you say (write) exactly what I need to hear and face. What is incredible is that I know all this too, but felt so miserable that I began to believe I was miserable. Then there is someone like you who shakes me up and awakens me. Thank you for the insights.” – Cindy Van Geystelen
Katarina is a very dynamic coach who knows her courses through and through. She can transfer her knowledge with passion! It was an inspiring day and the knowledge I gained I use daily. (topic: coaching and evaluating) – Laurence Binst – Consultancy